Liden Nestle Soled is led by the following partners:

Raymond W. Liden, CEO
Raymond W. Liden, A.P.A, has been actively involved in employee benefit planning since 1971 after receiving his M.A. from U.C.L.A. His main concentration has been qualified plans, their design, operation and financial impact. As a principal in Liden, Cogan & Associates and later with The Morton Company, Ray has had firsthand experience with all aspects of employee benefits, including qualification issues and plan termination. Having established long term relationships with his clients and desiring to provide the highest quality service, he co-founded the current firm of Liden Nestle Soled. Ray is an Accredited Plan Administrator with the National Institute of Pension Administrators.


Lynn Nestle, Vice President
Lynn Nestle is a qualified retirement plan consultant and benefits advisor to the clients of Liden Nestle Soled. Lynn's experience began in the home office of Maccabees Life Insurance Company in 1969, and subsequently in the pension department in 1970. In 1977, Lynn became the Vice President for Century Pension Consultants, Inc. In January 1989, Lynn joined Liden Nestle Soled. Lynn works closely with her clients in plan design, updates, and keeps a close working relationship with their advisors to apprise them of new developments in the employee benefits field.


Judy Soled, Vice President
Judy Soled, Q.P.A., A.P.A., is head of plan administration for Liden Nestle Soled. She provides consulting expertise to the firm's clients. Judy entered the pension field as a plan service representative for Laiken, Siegel & Company in New York City in June, 1974. In 1980, she moved to Los Angeles and continued in plan administration with Price, Raffel & Company. In 1982, she became supervisor of a pension administration team for Century Pension Consultants, Inc., and later was promoted to Vice-President. In January 1989, Judy joined Liden Nestle & Soled. Judy has extensive experience in all areas of qualified plan administration, and maintains a Qualified Plan Administrator designation from the American Society of Pension Actuaries and an Accredited Plan Administrator designation with the National Institute of Pension Administrators.